Digital Photography Competitions

Terms & Conditions

The competition is open to both professional and amateur photographers of all levels from any country. Images from any device are accepted, analogue film (must be scanned) or digital images acceptable file formats are .PNG, GIF (non-animated) and .JPG all images will be converted to JPG optimized and resized for the display purposes of this web site, we recommend that your photos be a minimum of 750px height or 750px width. File should be kept under 2mb.

Scanned images from film and slides owned and are the work of the submitting photographer are permitted. No pornographic photos accepted. The qualification if a photo is deemed pornographic will be determined by the administration if a doubt exists by any judge at the time of judging or in "borderline" cases.
The administration reserves the right to delete any entered photo they feel is inappropriate.
Images submitted must be original work of the submitting photographer.
By uploading photos, you agree that such photos may be displayed on any part of this web site, and may be used for the promotion of in the course of its business without payment to the photographer. The copyright of the photo will always remain with the photographer.

We reserve the right to modify, change, add or make amendments to any or all guidelines or rules of competition, without prior notification to the entrants at any time.
We may ban any entrant who in its opinion does not comply with the guidelines from future entries.
The decisions of the judge/s are final and no correspondence will be entered into.
The administration reserves the right to delete any entered photo that do not meet the above guidelines.
You are encouraged to create links to websites and you can create adverts for products or services, we do not accept liability for any goods or services offered on this web site.

Messaging, we allow users to send messages to on another, abuse of these systems is not acceptable and we reserve the right to delete user accounts in the case of any in appropriate behavior, we will contact you prior to any such actions being undertaken.
That's pretty much it, it's yours to enjoy and please spread the word.
If you these terms and conditions seem unclear or require any further clarification...
Please contact us.