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Photographer: Marek26

Name: Marek Frontczak
Location: Holmfirth,   United Kingdom
Photographer ID: 1068
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Company: Marek Frontczak Photography
Current Position: Admin officer
Speciality: Industrial/natural Landscapes
DOB: 26 Mar 1966
Date Joined: 21 Jul 2013
User Rank: Member
Last Activity: 12 Mar 2016 20:35:17
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Competition Entries

A Roll in the Hay
The All Seeing Eye
The Face Above The Doorway
The Amonite Effect
Das Boat
Female Common Merganser
Heron on the Hunt
Flowers in the Rain
Rain Drop
Bumble Bee
The Queens Guard on Duty at the Great Pyramid

I also do architecture and nature macro. I use 2 Olympus cameras, an OM10 & OM101, a PanasonicDigital, a Nikon Digital SLR with an 18 - 55mm, a 55 - 300 mm zoom and a 420 -800mm manual zoom. I also own a Bronica S medium format camera with a lens reversal ring. On Twitter under @marek_26